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SustAinAble pricing 

Download our free e-book / white paper, ‘How new pricing strategies enable business owners to become ‘sustainability activists’’ to discover:
  • Why you should change your prices now
  • The most common pricing myths (including ‘every product must make money’ and ‘high pricing deters consumers’)
  • The key rules for implementing sustainable pricing in your business 
  • How to get started
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You can join the fight to protect our planet

Download our free e-book / white paper on sustainable pricing

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3P Pricing: The core foundation behind sustainable pricing

3P Pricing is a new technique that designs price strategies using three dimensions: Profit, People and Planet. Using this approach, businesses can boost their revenue while making a stand for what is important to them, including climate change and social responsibility.

Our white paper explains these critical principles – and how 3P Pricing can be applied to your business.


This document has been developed by Fabien Cros and his team at PricingForThePlanet.


Fabien has more than ten years of experience in business consulting and pricing strategy analysis and has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Ford, Marriott, Maserati, Michelin, and Sanofi. He is currently a Data-driven Growth advisor at Google, which is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions around sustainable pricing.


Highly regarded in his field, particularly in the US and France where he has been based, Fabien has been published in more than 20 media outlets in English, French and German: 

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