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Monetizing Sustainability: Transforming Eco-Friendly Practices into a Competitive Advantage

We are launching our community-driven learning platform, addressing the critical lack of skills at the intersection of business and sustainability. Based on various research studies and discussions with headhunters, we believe that the skill set for monetizing sustainability will be one of the most sought-after in the coming years.

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Learn the skill set of the next decade

Monetizing Sustainability: Transforming Eco-Friendly Practices into a Competitive Advantage

We're Falling Behind on Sustainability

in 2023 we Missed(AGAIN) our CO2 and ESG Goals

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We stand at a critical juncture, facing the most daunting challenge ever encountered by the human species. Our observation? We're lagging in our sustainability efforts - and the reason is clear. Too many political and business leaders are still relying on outdated 19th-century concepts and approaches. It's time for a paradigm shift, and we're here to spearhead that change.

Join us in learning to reimagine a sustainable future with innovative, 21st-century solutions for 21st-century problems
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The key to reaching our CO2 and ESG goals by 2030 lies in mastering innovative and 21st-century solutions that can truly make a difference. We believe that the most effective way to drive impact is through monetizing sustainability. That's why our Learning Platform is meticulously crafted to equip you with all the necessary tools for success, both within and beyond the marketplace.

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We're building a no-nonsense, community-driven learning platform focused on mixing business with sustainability. Based on various research studies and discussions with headhunters, we believe that the skill set for monetizing sustainability will be one of the most sought-after in the coming years!


It's all about giving you the know-how you need to learn how to monetize sustainability. This isn't just theory - it's a space where real-world application and learning go hand in hand.


Our aim? To show that being green can also mean making more green - it's good for the planet and the bottom line.


If you're into making a real difference and riding the wave of change in today's market, come join us. It's important for our planet and all the folks who'll come after us.


From Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova and a key contributor to French President Emmanuel Macron's environmental initiatives, to Paola Andrea Valencia, VP of Pricing at Schneider Electric, Maciej Kraus, Guest Lecturer at Stanford and Partner at Movens Capital, and Massimiliano Costacurta, CPO at the startup FullTruck, we're gathering the most innovative and thought-provoking concepts. Our aim is to provide you with a cutting-edge and practical skill set to excel in your field! 

What you get 

  • Community-Powered Learning: Our platform offers diverse perspectives on sustainability, featuring content from researchers, professors, professionals, and NGOs. This approach ensures a well-rounded understanding, free from the biases often found in traditional educational settings.

  • Continuous Learning Model: Recognizing the fast-evolving nature of sustainability, we've designed our platform for ongoing education rather than fixed-term programs. Members get access to the latest content and can even contribute as faculty, creating new modules or improving existing ones, and receive compensation for their contributions.

  • Sustainability as Business Advantage: We emphasize integrating sustainability into business operations as a key competitive strategy. Our platform helps you discover where and how you can make the most impact using your unique skills and talents.

  • Career-Focused Curriculum: Developed with insights from hundreds of sustainability experts and headhunters, our program is designed to enhance your resume and prepare you for real-world challenges.

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  • Diverse Learning Methods: Catering to various learning styles, our program includes podcasts, research papers, role-play exercises, and oral exams. This mix ensures a comprehensive learning experience that prepares you for practical application in the field of sustainability.

  • Extensive Knowledge Library: Members will have access to a vast library and knowledge base, filled with research and articles from universities, businesses, and research centers. This resource provides a wealth of information at your fingertips, supporting in-depth learning and research.

  • 24/7 AI-Powered Assistance with PrimoGPT: Our platform features the first-generation AI tool, PrimoGPT, designed to provide answers and support around the clock in the field of sustainability and Business. This tool ensures that members have continuous access to information and guidance whenever they need it.


  • ROSI (Return on Sustainable Investment): A metric assessing the financial gains generated from sustainable business practices, considering both traditional ROI and the added environmental and social value.

  • True Price/Cost: This concept involves calculating the real cost of a product or service by including external factors often overlooked, such as environmental impact and social consequences.

  • Willingness to Pay: A measure of the maximum amount a customer is ready to spend on a product or service, often used to gauge the market value of new or sustainable products.

  • Value-Based Pricing for Sustainability: A pricing strategy that sets prices based on the perceived or estimated value of a product or service to the customer, particularly in the context of its sustainable attributes.

  • Flourishing Enterprise: A business model that emphasizes thriving in economic, social, and environmental realms, ensuring the well-being of all stakeholders, including the planet.

  • Circular Business Models: These models focus on sustainability by designing out waste and promoting the reuse, repair, and recycling of products and materials, creating a closed-loop system that minimizes environmental impact.

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Join the community, get certified and become a faculty member: ​

  • After the 12th module: Essay on one related specific topic of your choice at the end to obtain your Certificate by PricingForThePlanet.

  • After the 14th module: Research paper and oral exam to obtain your Advanced Education Program Diploma by PricingForThePlanet

  • After the 16th module: Opportunity to join the program as a "Faculty Member" and to teach one or several modules (paid teaching opportunity)


This program isn't for everyone. However, if you find yourself in any of these situations, it could very well be the best program you've ever encountered!



Exciting News for Our Trailblazers!

To celebrate our 2nd Annual Summit on April 9th, we've got a special reward for you: an exclusive financial incentive! Forget our standard rate of $69.99/month. We're rolling out a spectacular 50% discount - that's just $34.99/month!

This is our way of saying 'thank you' for shaping the future with us. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be part of something groundbreaking at an unbeatable price

Just use the code: annualsummit2024


You are worried about committing to a long-term membership?

  • Our response: "we completely understand your concern about commitment. That's why our platform operates on a monthly membership basis. You have the freedom to opt-out whenever you want, ensuring you're never locked into a long-term commitment. It's flexible to suit your needs and comfort level."

What if you find the platform isn't right for you after you join?

  • Our response: "We want you to be confident and satisfied with your decision to join us. That’s why we offer a 'no questions asked' money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied after your first month. We believe in the value of our platform, but we also respect your right to change your mind."

You are not sure if the content will be relevant or useful for you?

  • Our response: "Our platform is carefully designed to cater to a diverse range of professionals and interests within the sustainability and pricing field. However, if you feel the content doesn't align with your needs, remember our one-month money-back guarantee. We're committed to ensuring that our platform adds real value to your professional growth and understanding of sustainable pricing."

 You are concerned about the cost of the membership?

  • Our response: "We understand that cost is an important consideration. That’s why we've priced our platform competitively, considering the depth and quality of content we offer. Plus, with our initial 80% discount for first members, it’s an excellent value for the investment. This is an opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in a crucial area of business and sustainability at a very reasonable cost."

JOIN US AT Pricing for the planet

Welcome to PricingForThePlanet, a community where pricing meets sustainability. Co-founded by Stephan Liozu, Ph.D., and Fabien Cros, we're on a mission to empower businesses to thrive economically while minimizing their environmental impact.


As a Pending Certified B Corp, we offer dynamic webinars, workshops, and training sessions focused on innovative pricing strategies and sustainability. Dive into our rich resources, including a bi-weekly newsletter and a dedicated podcast, to join a movement dedicated to making sustainable business practices the standard with companies such as Schneider Electric, BCG, Michelin, Thales, Webehlp and many more.


Join us to make a real difference—for profit, for the planet.

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They trust us

We have collaborated with leading brands and companies in the world on the topic of Monetizing and Pricing Sustainability such as:

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