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April 9th - Paris, FRANCE

In partnership with: 
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2024 Annual SUMMIT

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Get ready to be part of a groundbreaking event at the Schneider Electric HQ in Rueil-Malmaison, just a stone's throw from the vibrant city of Paris. In partnership with industry giants like BCG, Schneider Electric and Syncron, we proudly present our 2024 PricingForThePlanet Annual Summit.

Discover What's in Store:

  • Inspirational Sessions: Engage in a day filled with enlightening keynotes by Schneider Electric, BCG, Pierre & Vacances, SITA, Google, Syncron and Thales during our morning plenary session.

  • Exclusive HQ Tour: Explore the innovations at the Schneider Electric Sustainability Center.

  • Focused Afternoon Tracks: Participate in interactive sessions covering several topics such as 'Sustainability and Strategy' and 'Circularity and Monetization'.

  • Valuable Networking: Build connections during our networking breaks and a panel discussion featuring experts from BCG, Schneider Electric, Thales, Google and more.

  • Evening Webinar: Join a potential session with the Professional Pricing Society and BCG.


Mark the Date:

  • Venue: Schneider Electric HQ, Rueil-Malmaison, near Paris

  • Date & Time: Tuesday April 9th, starting at 8:30 am / 9am with an energizing introduction by the PricingForThePlanet co-founders.

  • Admission: As of today, admission will be free thanks to our partners BCG and Schneider Electric. We will offer the option to support an association related to sustainability through an optional donation.

This summit is more than an event; it's a catalyst for integrating sustainability into the core of your business strategy. We're shaping a future where environmental responsibility drives competitive advantage.

Apply for registration now and be at the forefront of sustainable business innovation!

We invite interested participants to apply for accreditation. This process helps us maintain high standards and ensure a meaningful experience for all attendees. Thank you for your understanding.


08:30 Arrival

09:00 Introduction by Stephan Liozu Ph.D. and Fabien Cros - Co-founders of PricingForThePlanet 

09:30 KeyNote #1: Changing the Game for Climate by John Pineda - Managing Director & Partner - BCG 

10:15 Coffee/Networking Break (Sponsored by BCG)

10:30 Tour of Schneider Electric Sustainability Center by Paola Andrea Valencia - VP Pricing Europe and Geoffrey Richard - Circular Economy Director - Schneider Electric 

11:40 KeyNote #3: Innovating on the full sustainability playing field by Pierre Schaeffer - CMO - Thales

12:10 Round Table: Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage 

-Laurent Bataille - Président Schneider Electric France and COMEX member 

-Gregory Sion - CEO Pierre & Vacances

-Sergio Colella - President Europe SITA 

13:00 Lunch 


14:00 KeyNote #4: Vincent Poncet - Cloud Sustainability Specialist - Google  

14:30 Coffee/Networking Break (Sponsored by Schneider Electric) 

15:00 KeyNote #5: Syncron


15:30 Breakout sessions 

-Track 1: Sustainability and Strategy (BCG)

-Track 2: Circularity and Monetization (Schneider Electric) 

-Track 3: Sustainability and Aftermarket Workshop by Syncron

16:30 Debrief from the Breakout Sessions

17:00 Coffee/Networking Break (Sponsored by Syncron) 

17:30 End of Summit

18:00 [40min + Q&A] Webinar BCG x PricingForThePlanet x PPS

2023 Annual SUMMIT

Get ready to revolutionize the way we think about pricing, ESG, and sustainability! Our PricingForThePlanet Annual Summit in Paris on April 4th 2023 is bringing together the world's leading experts to discuss the monetization of sustainability. 

This Year Agenda:

9:00 Welcome

9:15 am Flash Talks on ESG and foundations of Pricing in Sustainability

10:00 am Panel on the Monetization of Sustainability 

10:45 am Networking Session

11:15 am Flash Talks on Circularity-based services pricing, Pricing and VC involvement in Sustainability

2:00 pm Working Session - Design Thinking on the Monetization of Sustainability (founding members only)

4:00 pm Webinar PPS on Pricing & Sustainability (founding members only)


1 cour du Havre - 75008 Paris

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Uncover the Value of Green: Your Guide to Monetizing Sustainability.
Join our free PricingForThePlanet bi-weekly digest on Monetizing and Pricing Sustainability


"Uncover the Value of Green: Your Guide to Monetizing Sustainability" is a bi-weekly digest from PricingForThePlanet, aimed at all those interested in the intersection of business and sustainability. Our aim is to demystify the economic potential of sustainable practices and bring you the latest trends, research, and insights in pricing sustainability. We understand that going green is not just about responsibility - it's about profitability too. Whether you're a business leader, an entrepreneur, or simply curious about how sustainability can be monetized, our digest will provide you with valuable and actionable knowledge.

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