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Catalyzing Change: Harness the Power of MONETIZATION AND Pricing for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Introducing "Monetizing and Pricing Sustainability - Beyond Good Intentions: Transform Your Go-to-Market for Sustainable Impact" - a comprehensive guide to unite sustainability with the world of pricing and monetization. This compelling piece of work, edited by Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D., and Fabien Cros, is brought to you by P4P Publishing.

The book unites the wisdom of experts in the fields of pricing, monetization, and sustainability. With 20 enriching chapters split across six major sections, it presents a deep-dive into the intricate link between monetization and pricing strategies and sustainable impact.

"Monetizing and Pricing Sustainability - Beyond Good Intentions: Transform Your Go-to-Market for Sustainable Impact" is not just a book, but a roadmap guiding businesses towards a future where profit and sustainability aren't mutually exclusive, but interconnected. This book is an essential read for those ready to challenge conventional wisdom, embrace a holistic 3P approach, and become pioneers in sustainable monetization.

Immerse yourself in this transformative narrative, and join us in rewriting the future of business. We extend a warm welcome to all who are ready to journey beyond good intentions to actions that make a meaningful, sustainable difference.

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10+ Case Studies

in the book

Example: "How Decathlon Is Embracing The Subscription Economy To Power
New Sustainable, Circular, Customer-Centric Business Models”, Carre, Mansard, Sundberg.​​

“Impact of Remanufacturing on Sustainability”, Giuntini Ron

Construction Site

Several deep dive on specific industries

Example: “Pricing for Sustainability in the Fashion Industry”, Valeria Baldini

“Going even further than external pricing: changing your paradigm internally with
the Customer Lifetime Value approach for your digital Marketing”, Geoffrey Legleye.


20 thought provoking chapters

Example: “Is Private Property Outdated? The Case for an Access-Based Economy and
Pricing model ”, Fabien Cros

“Manifesto: 10 Propositions To Help Any Company Drive Their Transformation
Toward Sustainability While Monetizing It”, 2023 Pricing For The Planet Summit


Discover the most influential minds shaping sustainability monetization and pricing strategies
(chapter 21)

Sustainable Pricing Offers and framework (32).png

They are in the book:


Pricing For The Planet Annual Summit April 4th (15).png

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