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Bridging Finance and Sustainability: A Venture Capital Perspective

In this episode, guest Myrtil Mitanga, Senior Associate at Hi Inov - Dentressangle, challenges the conventional perception of finance as opposed to sustainability, offering a compelling narrative that showcases finance as a crucial ally in the quest for sustainable business practices. Through her experiences in venture capital, Myrtil elucidates how profitability and impact are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary, with a focus on innovative startups that balance economic performance with environmental and social governance (ESG) goals. The podcast delves into the significance of long-term investments in fostering sustainable innovations, the evolving landscape of carbon credits, and the potential for venture capital to drive substantial change in traditional industries towards more sustainable futures. Myrtil's insights provide a roadmap for integrating sustainability into the core of business models, underscoring the vital role of education, networking, and strategic investment in shaping a more sustainable and financially inclusive world.

Listen to the podcast:


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