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Decoding Carbon: Empowering Business Sustainability with Internal Carbon Pricing (ICP)

In this episode, Julia Nitz dives deep into the transformative world of Internal Carbon Pricing (ICP), unraveling how this strategic tool not only drives decarbonization efforts but also paves the way for future-proof business success. Through her journey from a serendipitous seminar discovery to becoming a sustainability analyst, Julia offers invaluable insights into the practical application of ICP, balancing environmental goals with economic realities. Whether you're navigating the complexities of shadow pricing, seeking to understand the nuances of carbon costs, or exploring innovative approaches to sustainability, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom that promises to inspire both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. Join us as we explore how integrating ICP can not only reduce carbon footprints but also enhance business valuation in the long run, providing a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape of global sustainability.

More information:

-What is Internal Carbon Pricing (CDP) -

-BP’s Case Study (only available if you have an account with Science Direct) -

Listen to the podcast:


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