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Empowering Sustainability - Boost Profits and Transform Design with Carbon Saver!

In this episode, Fabien CROS dives deep into the world of sustainable design with Nurra BARRY, the visionary founder and CEO of Carbon Saver. Discover how Carbon Saver is revolutionizing the architecture and interior design industries by integrating sustainability into the core of project planning, all while boosting profits and cutting costs.

What is Carbon Saver? Carbon Saver is a cutting-edge platform designed to help interior designers and architects make environmentally conscious decisions from the very start of their projects. Acting as an environmental engineer, it provides an intuitive interface with a scoring system that helps users evaluate the sustainability of their choices, ensuring that projects are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

In this episode, we cover:

-The journey behind Carbon Saver's inception

-Practical applications and benefits of Carbon Saver

-The financial impacts of sustainable choices

-Expansion plans into digital and fashion industries

-Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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00:00 - Introduction

00:30 - Key Takeaways from Nura

01:07 - Nura's Background and the Birth of Carbon Saver

02:00 - Challenges in the Interior Design Industry

03:08 - How Carbon Saver Works

04:10 - User-Centric Approach of Carbon Saver

05:00 - Financial Benefits of Sustainable Choices

06:20 - Overcoming Old Habits in Design

07:25 - Carbon Saver's Certification and Competitive Advantage

08:45 - Expansion into the Digital Sector

10:00 - Applying Sustainability in Digital Projects

11:15 - Collaboration with Human Skills

13:00 - The Importance of Ecosystems Over Competition

14:50 - How You Can Support Carbon Saver

16:10 - Future Plans: Expanding into Fashion

17:00 - Challenges Faced by Female Entrepreneurs

18:30 - The Importance of Education in Sustainability

20:00 - Training Programs and Educational Initiatives

21:15 - Reflecting on Entrepreneurial Journey

22:30 - Final Thoughts and Call to Action

🔗 Useful Links:

-Carbon Saver:

Listen to the podcast:


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