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From Invoices to Insights: Measuring Your CO2 Emissions with Supstain

In this enlightening episode of the PricingForThePlanet podcast, Fabien Cros, co-founder of PricingForThePlanet, sits down with Hugo Smits, co-founder of Supstain ( The conversation revolves around the innovative approach of Supstain in helping companies easily map out their CO2 footprint through invoice analysis. Hugo sheds light on how understanding and measuring CO2 emissions is the first step towards a sustainable future. By providing clarity on CO2 emissions, companies can identify areas of high emissions and take targeted actions to reduce them. The discussion also touches upon the increasing importance consumers and employees place on associating with environmentally responsible companies. With the global goal of halving all emissions by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050, the role of companies like Supstain becomes paramount.

Listen to the podcast:


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