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It's time to learn how to price sustainability with Pricing Professional Society

In this enlightening episode of PricingForThePlanet, Kevin Mitchell, the esteemed President of the Pricing Professional Society (PPS), joins Fabien Cros to unravel the complexities of sustainable pricing. Together, they delve into the core of PPS, explore the forefront of pricing trends like value-based and outcome-based models, and shed light on a revealing survey that underscores a pivotal challenge: many consumers aren't yet willing to pay extra for sustainability. However, the onus is on businesses to innovate their pricing strategies. With the sustainability movement still in its nascent stages, Kevin emphasizes the need for a fresh, customer-centric approach, backed by data-driven insights. A significant revelation is the alarming reliance of businesses on intuition when determining willingness to pay, a strategy Kevin cautions against. For those seeking a starting point in this intricate maze, the episode offers tangible advice, underscoring the importance of understanding client perspectives and continuously enhancing capabilities through education and strategic learning. Concluding with a powerful call to action, Kevin urges professionals to prioritize sustainability, invest in continuous learning, and cultivate a balanced skill set to navigate the future of pricing. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone keen on mastering the art and science of pricing in a world inching towards sustainability.

Listen to the podcast:


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