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Pricing For The Planet x Station F - Learn how to use your prices to tackle the climate crisis

In this video, the @pricingfortheplanet (including Stephan M. Liozu, Phd and Fabien Cros) teams up with @STATIONFcampus and @viaid778 (Mobility club) to teach startups and entrepreneurs how to use their prices to tackle the climate crisis.

Together, we bring you expert insights on how pricing can be used as a tool to reduce emissions and drive sustainable practices. You'll learn about the importance of internalizing the cost of carbon in your pricing decisions, and how this can incentivize sustainable behavior among your customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. Whether you're an entrepreneur, business leader, or concerned citizen, this video is an essential guide to understanding how pricing can help tackle the climate crisis.

Watch now to learn how you can use your prices to make a positive impact on the planet.


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