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Profit with Purpose: Transforming Business for a Sustainable Future through "Shared Value"

In this episode, Tiekie Barnard discusses the concept of creating shared value and the vital shift in business perspectives from focusing solely on profit to incorporating social and environmental considerations into core strategies. The episode delves into how companies like Safaricom and Nestlé have successfully integrated the shared value approach to simultaneously advance their competitiveness and improve the economic and social conditions within their communities. Additionally, Tiekie shares insights on the Shared Value Africa Initiative, aiming to encourage all companies across Africa to adopt this transformative business model. By exploring innovative business models and providing advice for those interested in pursuing a sustainable career, this podcast episode offers a comprehensive understanding of how businesses can achieve financial success while making a positive social impact, proving that it is not about profit only but profit with purpose. This episode serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of integrating sustainability into the heart of business operations, illustrating through examples and expert insights how companies can lead the way toward a more sustainable and equitable future.

Listen to the podcast:


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