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The PricingForThePlanet Podcast - ESG and Impact Sourcing as value drivers

In our inaugural episode, Fabien Cros is hosting Hanae Chino, the ESG Director at Webhelp. She delved into the pivotal roles of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and Impact Sourcing in the company's value creation strategy.

She emphasized that Webhelp's commitment to ESG is not merely a trend but a core part of their long-term sustainability plans. Impact sourcing, in particular, stands out as a transformative approach where the company actively hires from socio-economically disadvantaged communities. This is not seen as an act of charity but rather an untapped reservoir of potential and talent. The most profound value derived from this strategy has been a marked improvement in employee retention.

Chino shared compelling data highlighting decreased turnover rates and further elaborated on the ripple effects, including heightened employee morale, enhanced company reputation, and broader societal benefits.

Looking forward, Hanae Chino envisions ESG and impact sourcing becoming even more integral to Webhelp's operations, potentially setting a benchmark for the industry.

Listen to the podcast:


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