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At PricingForThePlanet, we provide a wide range of services designed to help your organization monetize and enhance your sustainability efforts. Let's explore what we offer.



Our workshops and sprints are designed to accelerate your transformation towards monetized sustainability. They blend the best knowledge with an action-packed agenda. Most programs are multi-functional in nature and lasts between 2 days and 90 days of work.

Customer Value Proposition Workshop

The Customer Value Proposition Workshop is a dedicated service aimed at helping your organization understand your customers' sustainability problems, priorities, and needs. This concise and engaging workshop seeks to make your approach to sustainability as customer-centric as possible.

The workshop starts with a one-hour kick-off meeting to discuss your business's segmentation and customer priorities. This is followed by a one-hour virtual training session, where we delve into the core principles of creating a customer value proposition. The training culminates in a four-hour virtual or in-person session dedicated to designing a customer value proposition that truly resonates with your target audience. Lastly, we facilitate a one-hour debriefing session with your team to ensure all key points are thoroughly understood.

Through this process, you will receive a prioritized list of customer pains, gains, and value drivers related to sustainability. All the findings and recommendations will be compiled in a final customer value proposition presentation that your team can use as a guidepost in your sustainability efforts.

The price for this service is a flat fee of $1,500 per project, with possible variations for customized projects. A project is defined as one product/service, a segment, or a region.

With our Customer Value Proposition Workshop, you're investing in a deeper understanding of your customers' sustainability needs. You're equipping your team with the insights and tools to align your sustainability messaging with what truly matters to your customers. Choose our workshop and take a major step towards sustainable profitability through customer-centricity.


Sustainable Business Model Design

The Sustainable Business Model Design Workshop is a focused service designed to guide your organization through the complex process of framing and implementing new, sustainable business ideas.


By leveraging our expertise, you will acquire the tools and techniques to shape an innovative and actionable business model that is sustainable, profitable, and in line with your culture.

Initiating with a one-hour kick-off meeting, we outline the business model ideas and concepts you wish to explore. This is followed by a one-hour virtual training session, which introduces your team to the fundamentals of business model and lean canvas design. The crux of the workshop is a one-day in-person session, where we collaboratively design a new business model with a sharp focus on sustainability. Lastly, we conduct a one-hour debrief session with your team to ensure thorough understanding and readiness for implementation.

At the end of the workshop, your team will receive a detailed business model outcome document, a prioritized list of internal and external success drivers, and a comprehensive set of execution and implementation parameters. This toolkit will empower you to transition from the workshop to the real-world execution of your new sustainable business model.

The cost for this service is a flat fee of $15,000 per project, subject to variations for custom projects. A project is defined as the design and execution planning for one new and disruptive sustainable business idea.

Through our Sustainable Business Model Design Workshop, you will be investing in the future of your organization, igniting business model innovation within your strategic planning, and cementing your commitment to sustainability. Shape your sustainable future with us and transform innovative ideas into thriving, sustainable businesses.

Business Plan

Segmenting for Sustainability SPRINT

Our Segmenting for Sustainability Workshop is an immersive and collaborative program tailored to help your organization understand and target the most relevant customer segments for your sustainability initiatives. With us, you will learn to pinpoint those customers who share your commitment to sustainability, helping you design compelling value propositions that resonate with their values.

The workshop consists of 12 hours of in-person or virtual sessions spread over 60-90 days, interspersed with productive working sessions. We bring together a multifunctional team, including representatives from sales, marketing, pricing, product, sustainability, business systems, and data, to facilitate a holistic approach to customer segmentation.

Throughout the workshop, we will assist you in identifying ideal customer profiles (ICPs), designing customer value propositions for one or more ICPs, defining sustainability and ESG related classification criteria, and bridging the gap between your current customer segmentation and sustainability dimensions. By the end of the workshop, you will have identified core customer segments to target with your sustainability offerings.

Your team will be provided with a clear profile of your ideal customer, a target list of qualified accounts (B2B), a revised customer segmentation presentation, updated CRM information with sustainability data, and qualification scripts based on sustainability-related questions.


The cost for this service is a flat fee of $35,000 per project, subject to variations for custom projects. A project is defined as one customer category for a product line, division, or region. External market research and travel expenses are additional.

By participating in the Segmenting for Sustainability Workshop, you will not only hone your targeting strategies for sustainability initiatives but also foster a greater awareness of sustainability within your go-to-market teams. Align your sustainability offers with the right customer segments and enhance your overall engagement and profitability.

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Sustainability Productization SPRINT

Our Sustainability Productization Workshop is a holistic program designed to help your organization identify, streamline, and productize your sustainability initiatives. With a clear emphasis on commercialization, our goal is to enable your teams to effectively package your sustainability programs to match the needs of your ideal customer profiles (ICPs).

The workshop begins with a comprehensive inventory of your internal and external sustainability pillars, followed by a thorough assessment of all specific programs, initiatives, products, and services related to sustainability and ESG. We will then work with your team to identify ICPs, create a packaging strategy tailored to each customer segment, identify critical differentiators in your sustainability strategy by ICP, and translate these differentiators into clear customer benefits.

The workshop format includes an initial kick-off meeting to set project parameters, a review of your current sustainability position and programs alongside your competitors, a two-day workshop with a multifunctional team of 10 to 15 people, and finally a debrief to the management team.


By the end of the workshop, you will be provided with clearly defined ICPs, a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation detailing your sustainability package, a 90-day implementation plan, and specific actions for moving forward. We also facilitate debriefing sessions with your C-suite and extended management teams.

The flat fee for this service is $25,000 per project, with variations for custom projects. A project is defined as one division or region.

With our Sustainability Productization Workshop, you will not only gain clarity on your current sustainability and monetization position but also uncover opportunities for customer engagement with your sustainability programs. Enhance your competitive edge, involve stakeholders from various functions on sustainability topics, and turn your sustainability efforts into marketable, impactful programs.

Product Packaging

Monetizing and Pricing your Sustainability Sprint

Our Monetizing and Pricing your Sustainability Sprint is an intensive program designed to enable your organization to effectively monetize your sustainability initiatives and link them to your go-to-market strategies. This service is tailor-made for organizations aiming to derive more value from their sustainability portfolio and is committed to transforming their sustainability reporting and communication.

The sprint begins with a kick-off call with client stakeholders to establish project scope and parameters, followed by a detailed meeting with a core team to review project objectives. Over the course of 90 to 120 days, our expert coaches work with your multi-functional team through a virtual sprint, which involves up to 48 hours of workshops and additional internal working sessions as required. The project can also be conducted in-person over five business days, given proper readiness. The sprint culminates with a debrief to the marketing and management teams.


Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive set of deliverables, including a raw filled template with all produced input and output, an executive presentation of project outcomes, a detailed 90/120/180-day implementation plan and specific actions, and debrief sessions with your C-suite and extended management team.

Our Monetizing and Pricing your Sustainability Sprint comes at a flat fee of $50,000 per project, with the scope, objectives, and deliverables customized and finalized upfront. Please note that primary research and travel expenses are additional.

By investing in this service, you will not only enhance your focus on monetizing and pricing sustainability but also better differentiate from your competition by focusing on impact. Harness the power of your sustainability initiatives, accelerate your critical sustainability programs with a direct link to commercialization, and unlock new avenues of growth and profitability with our Monetizing and Pricing your Sustainability Sprint.

Green Buildings

Sustainable Data Strategy Workshop

Our Sustainable Data Strategy Workshop is a comprehensive program designed to enable your organization to build and manage a data infrastructure that supports and enhances your sustainability objectives. This service is specifically tailored for businesses seeking to effectively collect, manage, and leverage data to drive their sustainability initiatives and overall business growth.

The workshop kicks off with an initial consultation to understand your existing data landscape and sustainability objectives. It continues with a full-day workshop involving your IT, data management, and sustainability teams, focusing on assessing your current data infrastructure, collection methodologies, and IT solutions. We then move forward with crafting a data strategy and an actionable plan that integrates necessary upgrades and adaptations for sustainability. The workshop concludes with a detailed debriefing session with the management team.

Upon completion, you will receive a detailed assessment of your current data infrastructure and IT solutions, a comprehensive data strategy fostering sustainable growth, an action plan outlining steps for implementation along with potential challenges and solutions, and debriefing sessions with your C-suite and extended management team.


Our Sustainable Data Strategy Workshop is priced at a flat fee of $30,000 per project. This fee varies in case of project customization and doesn't include travel expenses.

By investing in this workshop, you gain a clearer understanding of how your data infrastructure and IT solutions can be harnessed to support sustainability initiatives. This will help align your data strategy with your sustainability goals, identify and address gaps in data collection and management that could hinder sustainability, and receive a tailored action plan for leveraging data and IT towards sustainable growth. Explore the benefits of effectively managing your data infrastructure for sustainability with our Sustainable Data Strategy Workshop.

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