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At PricingForThePlanet, we provide a wide range of services designed to help your organization monetize and enhance your sustainability efforts. Let's explore what we offer.


Getting Started Programs

We offer a suite of light-touch services to get your teams started with monetizing and pricing sustainability discussions and to raise the internal sense of urgency.


Our webinar is a one-hour (1h) online session designed to help your team understand and appreciate the urgency of monetizing sustainability.


Led by seasoned experts, we'll delve into the latest sustainability trends and priorities, and discuss how they apply to your business context.

We design our webinars to be interactive and engaging, encouraging active participation and discussion. Whether you'd like this to be an internal team meeting or an external presentation, we tailor our content to suit your audience and objectives.

This service is priced at $250. 

Participating in our webinar is the first step in understanding the vital role of sustainability in today's business landscape. This foundational knowledge can significantly aid your team in defining your organization's monetization and sustainability priorities, and start a productive dialogue around these crucial topics.

Virtual Team Meeting

Keynote Presentation

Our Keynote Presentation is a comprehensive two-hour (2h) session tailored to illuminate the potential of monetizing sustainability in your organization.


Delivered in-person by our experienced speakers, we offer an immersive and thought-provoking exploration of the most recent sustainability trends and priorities, and how they resonate with your business.

Each Keynote Presentation is carefully designed to drive engagement, stimulate dialogue, and inspire action. The in-depth, two-hour format allows for a deep dive into the topic, offering ample opportunities for Q&A, discussion, and practical examples that resonate with your specific industry or business challenges.


The price for this service is $1,000 excluding travel expenses. 

By choosing our Keynote Presentation, you're choosing to invest in a better understanding of sustainability and its monetization. You're not just delivering a talk to your team; you're kickstarting a transformative conversation about the future of your business. Stand at the forefront of sustainable profitability with our Keynote Presentation.


C-suite Alignment Session

Our C-suite Alignment Session is a focused three-hour (3h) engagement aimed at unifying your organization's top-level management around the monetization of sustainability.


This highly interactive session is facilitated by our experienced consultants who are well-versed in navigating the complexities of strategic alignment at the executive level.

During this session, we delve into the intricacies of sustainability trends and their impact on your organization's bottom line. We also provide guidance in setting clear, actionable sustainability and monetization priorities aligned with your overarching business goals.

Each C-suite Alignment Session is tailor-made to fit your organization, taking into account your specific industry, business model, and current sustainability initiatives. We create an environment conducive to open discussions, ensuring that each voice is heard and all perspectives are considered.

This service is priced at $1,250 excluding travel expenses.

Investing in a C-suite Alignment Session equips your executive team with a unified, strategic direction towards monetizing sustainability. It's an essential step in enabling effective decision-making and fostering a culture of sustainability within your organization. Make a positive, profitable impact with our C-suite Alignment Session.

Meeting Room

Basic Training Session 

Our Basic Training Session is a four-hour (4h) intensive program designed to build a strong foundation in understanding sustainability trends and the art of monetizing them.


Whether held in-person or virtually, our training session is facilitated by expert consultants committed to empowering your team with actionable knowledge and insights. In this session, we dissect key sustainability trends and priorities, exploring their implications for your organization. We offer clear guidance on how to define your monetization and sustainability goals, equipping your team with the skills to turn eco-conscious decisions into profitable strategies.

Each Basic Training Session is tailored to your unique business needs. We blend theoretical insights with practical applications, making use of case studies, group exercises, and interactive discussions to enhance understanding and retention.

The cost of this service is $1,500 excluding travel expenses, if applicable. 

By investing in a Basic Training Session, you're not only equipping your team with knowledge but also building the capacity for strategic thinking and decision-making around sustainability. Embrace sustainable profitability with our Basic Training Session and cultivate an organizational culture that values both profit and planet.

Screenshot 2023-07-11 6.54.43 AM.png

Sustainability & Monetization Maturity Assessment (SMMA)

SMMA is an insightful service designed to evaluate your organization's existing state of sustainability and monetization practices. This comprehensive assessment unfolds over 45-60 days and is designed to deliver a clear and actionable roadmap to achieve your sustainability and monetization objectives.

During the SMMA process, our team of experts will engage with carefully selected internal professionals in your organization, carry out in-depth phone interviews, and review relevant internal documents. The intention is to gain a holistic understanding of your sustainability and monetization maturity levels.

Our experts will then compile their findings and work with your team in a workshop format to review and finalize the sustainability and monetization roadmap. The roadmap will delineate stages and resources required to achieve your goals, thus providing your organization with a clear path to sustainable profitability.

Upon completion of the SMMA, your organization will receive a detailed PowerPoint presentation that showcases your SMMA rating, strengths, gaps, and a three-horizon roadmap to sustainability and monetization excellence. We also provide debrief sessions to ensure your C-suite and extended management team fully comprehend our findings and recommendations.

The cost of this service is a flat fee of $25,000 per project, with a potential variation in the case of project customization

By investing in SMMA, you empower your organization to identify its current position, and leverage the insights gained to align various stakeholders, generate opportunities, and propose concrete action plans for monetization of sustainability programs. Embrace the journey to sustainable profitability with our SMMA service, facilitating a robust connection between your sustainability/ESG and go-to-market teams.

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