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At PricingForThePlanet, we provide a wide range of services designed to help your organization monetize and enhance your sustainability efforts. Let's explore what we offer.



Pricing for the Planet can help you build long-term capabilities for both your sustainability and go-to-market teams.


We're building a no-nonsense, community-driven learning platform focused on mixing business with sustainability. Based on various research studies and discussions with headhunters, we believe that the skill set for monetizing sustainability will be one of the most sought-after in the coming years!


It's all about giving you the know-how you need to learn how to monetize sustainability. This isn't just theory - it's a space where real-world application and learning go hand in hand.


Our aim? To show that being green can also mean making more green - it's good for the planet and the bottom line.


If you're into making a real difference and riding the wave of change in today's market, come join us. It's important for our planet and all the folks who'll come after us.

Price:  $69.99/ month or $1,299 for 24 months

-After the 12th module: Essay on one related specific topic of your choice at the end to obtain your Certificate by PricingForThePlanet"

-After the 14th module: Research paper and orale exam to obtain your Advanced Education Program Diploma by PricingForThePlanet"

-After the 16th module: Opportunity to join the program as a "Faculty Member" and to teach one or several modules (paid teaching opportunity) 

Online Course

Online MPS Certification Program
(13 modules over 8 hours)

The Online MPS (Monetizing and Pricing Sustainability) Certification Program is a comprehensive, eight-hour online training course specifically designed to enhance your team's sustainability, monetization, and pricing capabilities. This program is perfect for organizations seeking to bolster their sustainability credibility while developing an in-depth understanding of monetization and pricing.

The program commences with thirteen easy-to-follow modules, each designed to provide a clear understanding of the fundamentals of sustainability, monetization, and pricing.


Upon completion, participants will receive an official MPS certificate of completion.

The Online MPS Certification Program comes at a price of $399.

By enrolling your teams in this program, you will not only raise their credentials and credibility but also help them join a community of  certified MPS professionals. Furthermore, the program offers an invaluable opportunity to connect sustainability and go-to-market teams with certification programs. Transform your team's understanding of sustainability, pricing, and monetization, and pave the way for higher credibility with our Online MPS Certification Program.

Video Call

Custom-Designed Virtual and In-Person Training Sessions

Our Custom-Designed Virtual and In-Person Training Sessions are precisely tailored learning experiences, uniquely created to empower your pricing, sales, marketing, data and sustainability teams. Whether you're looking for training on monetization and pricing strategies, on sales enablement for sustainability, or on advance marketing tactics this program will deliver the practical knowledge and skills your team needs.


These training sessions, led by industry experts, can be conducted virtually or in-person as per your team's convenience and needs. The course content, duration, and complexity are custom-tailored to match your team's current proficiency levels and the desired learning outcomes.

As part of the program, participants will engage in interactive discussions, case studies, group exercises, and real-world simulations, thereby ensuring the practical application of learned concepts.


This immersive approach guarantees a more profound understanding and ability to implement the gained insights in their day-to-day roles effectively.


The cost of the Custom-Designed Virtual and In-Person Training Sessions varies depending upon the scope, duration, location, and number of participants. Detailed pricing will be provided following an initial consultation to understand your specific needs.

By investing in this service, your organization will boost the effectiveness of your teams across multiple functions, ensure alignment of strategies and practices, enhance team collaboration, and increase your organization's ability to drive profitable growth and sustainability. Strengthen your team's capability and catalyze your organization's growth with our Custom-Designed Virtual and In-Person Training Sessions.

Team Meeting
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